10 advice to throw a Middle Kick in Muay Thai

I already talked, some days ago, about problems I’ve faced kicking. Maybe because I’ve never throw « fight » kicks in 31 years, maybe because my muscles are not so loose, to make progress I had to dedicate very much time, patience, and….sweat.

Yes, persisting in practice is THE key. But if I should explain to a beginner here, in a page of a blog, how throw a middle kick, a basic attack in Muay Thai, which advice I could give?
During a training here at the camp, I asked Mathias, 7 Muay Thai team captain (for sure a guy who knows something about this theme!), if he could give me some « tips and tricks » for learning kicking well. Explain the right movement just with words is pretty hard…but I will try anyway! I want to give you even a little photographic documentation: our young champ Giuseppe Gentile, who can say he won 6 italian and 5 world Kick Boxing titles at just 18 years old, will be our model.


So here there are 10 advice to throw a good middle kick!!!!

1) First of all, before kicking, take a good position on guard. Consider that your feet have to stay in vertical line with your shoulders.

2) Move your foot of support towards 45° externally, standing just on the tiptoe.

3) At this point, keeping your ass lifted, you have to turn the pelvis well…

4)…until your leg will raise up on his own. The leg has to take off in a soft way, like it was a whip.

5) Take care the leg is straight….but a little bit bent, too. Let’s say…90% straight.

6) After hitting, retrieve the leg, moving it back, taking exactly the same position you had in the beginning.

7) Remember about your arms during the action. The hand on the side of the leg of support covering your face, while the arm on the side of the leg you use to hit has to stretch, to ensure balance to your body.

8) Chin always low!

9) Make everyday flexibility exercises for your legs, really important to throw an high kick.


10) At last, an advice from David Feoli: drink extra virgin olive oil… »Cuore »!!!


PS: obviously, this is just a list of good recommendations. There are several ways to throw a middle kick. Find out with your trainer which style is more adequate for you!


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