A beginner in a Muay Thai Camp

I’ve never loved waking up early in the morning. I used to consider waking up at 8.30 am ‘early’. But here at 7 Muay Thai, my day starts at 6 am…and at 6.15 I’m running already with other boxers! More: I’ve never loved practicing sport after waking up…still sleepy, with muscles not reactive. Well, first week was hard, I admit it, but now, after one month, I just like it. I like looking first morning lights running beside the quiet beach of Chak Pong, I like be active after one hour my alarm plays, I like sweating while in the gym a soft breeze (unusual at this latitude) comes, I like enjoy some little customs after I finish my training, like swimming in the pool and having my favorite breakfast.

So a few weeks are enough to get used living in a Muay Thai camp? Not at all. Just something become easier. A training session is not exactly ‘relaxing’: more than 2 hours of intensive exercising, a program that include exercises on bags and with teachers, and sparring with other boxers (consider that in 7 Muay Thai there are two classes a day….but for me one is enough!). If with a little bit of determination, a beginner like me can finish somehow a session, anyway it’s hard  facing difficulties in making progress on technical  skills and compare oneself to other boxers. For example, since I arrived here i’ve been trying to kick in the correct way, but the teacher, in a english/thai mix, still explain me what I should do. I find also very hard blocking kicks with my knees: instinct makes me cover my sides with elbows, just like in classic boxing. Teacher keep shaking hehis ad, and smiling…

Muay Thai is so hard, or it’s just me? Maybe it’s better for me enjoy fishing and sun on one of these beautiful beaches?

« Pain you don’t feel during training, will be pain you feel in the ring », I heard. This little motto, which trainers use to tell theirs boxers to push them during the training, has to be considered even by a beginner who starts practicing Muay Thai and facing his first difficulties…


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