Bye bye 7 Muay Thai!

My adventure here at 7 Muay Thai is at the end. These 4 months in a Muay Thai camp add another nice experience in my “inner luggage”. What I was looking for in October 2015, which took me here in Chak Pong, I can frankly say that I’ve found it: I could see how an high efficiency sport centre works from inside, I could know close a different culture, I could train beside real champions and learn a bit of Muay Thai. Well, I could escape from Europe winter too! A little regret for not having depth some sides more technical and for “insiders”, about Muay Thai, but I would need more time absorbed here to go ahead with these steps. Time that, unfortunately, has expired! I’m leaving anyway 7 Muay Thai with a smile, knowing well I had an exclusive experience. I want say thanks to all the people who host me in the wonderful place: Gallo Cassarino family (Roberto, Mathias, Niki), Muay (Thai manager of the camp), Carlos Coello, the trainers (Preecha, Mekpayak, Fid, Tid). And thanks to everyone I met in my stay and with who I could train together.

I can strongly  recommend a vacation/training in this camp.

Hospitality, personal relationship care, training program, peaceful environment, beach….everything is perfect for a real Muay Thai holiday. Especially for farangs, here at 7 Muay Thai you can find a friendly environment where is possible to practice and improve in this sport. I saw both professionals and beginners coming: yes, they sweated a lot, but progress and satisfactions didn’t miss when they left.

I’ll follow my journey, don’t know where….but this place will be in my heart. And maybe, someday…

Chok dee


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