Carlito’s way

During these months, I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Generally, someone takes a break from work and from diary routine, and starts an adventure for a month, to learn true Muay Thai and enjoy exotic beaches. But someone else, is a permanent presence at 7 Muay Thai. Like in the case of this boy who for Muay Thai did a radical choice, putting aside things in his hometown in Spain, and came to live here in Thailand. His name is Carlos Coello Canales.

« I started practicing Muay Thai at 16. I was so impressive of a movie, ‘Kickboxer’ with Van Damme. Muay Thai was exactly what I was looking for: a discipline which was a fighting sport and in the same time martial art » tell me Carlos. Soon, this boy from Cadiz realized that, staying in his country, he could not have that kind of improvement
1928364_1138830209501246_6486228590915421474_nhe really wanted. So, at 19, left for the first time to Thailand. « Difficulties? When you are a young boy with a little experience about travelling, is not easy manage your money. The physical training is very hard compared to Europe. And the fights: think about fighting a Thai boy who started throwing kick at 5 years old, without protections! ». First times, Carlos stayed in Thailand just some months. He came back home to collect money giving classes, selling boxing equipment and organizing events. And then leaving once again. But why did he choice to go so far just for this passion? « In Spain you can’t become a professional Muay Thai boxer. The competitive level is incomparable. Furthermore, with money you can earn fighting you can live decently, especially considering costo of living in Thailand ».
In 2014, Carlos awake interest in Roberto of 7 Muay Thai during a match at Lumpinee Stadium, where Carlos was in that occasion opponent. Carlos lost the fight, but he could gain a place in Muay Farang team, where Mathias is captain and managed by Roberto. So, after attending gyms in Bangkok, Pattaya and Ko Samui, he found his home at 7 Muay Thai. « When I went to school, in Cadiz, there was a Italian boy in my class. Quite ugly, but girls liked him so much! I was jealous, I tought: why this Italian doesn’t go back in his country? And now….I’m surrounded by Italians! But here I fell very well, like in a family ». I was impressive about his ironic, his kindness in giving technical recommendations, and hishumility: never heard a complain about hard, diary training sessions. But when I ask him what’s his main goal, he answered assertive: « Become world champion« .


PS: 7 Muay Thai launched a completion for assignment of scholarship for Muay Thai athlets, from March to June 2016. Maybe even you can train beside Carlos! For more information read here:pagina





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