Chez Toy…

Here in Chak Pong, with some exceptions (like « Cucina Buonpane », an excellent italian tavern), restaurants serve exclusively Thai food. Absolutely delicious, but full of ingredients not exactly suitable if you like staying in shape. Dishes abound of salt, sugar and MSG (a particular ingredient used to give more flavor to the food). Who practices a sport so complete and hard like Muay Thai, has to work always at the top and respects accurately training timing, but has to cure even his own nutrition. And here, at 7 Muay Thai Gym, they know it well…

Today I want to introduce you Toy, the lady who manage the restaurant where everyday we have lunch and dinner. A woman absolutely not shy who, despite a poor English, feels like joking and taking photos with us. 7 Muay Thai staff has studied with her a particular menu, without those bad ingredients and saving the essence and the delicacy of Thai food.

Here there are some dishes which Toy prepares during the week…

Pad wun sen gai (soy noodles with vegetable and meat cooked on hot-plate)


Koy Tiao Hang (rice noodles with meat and boiled egg)


Kai Yassai (stuffed omelette)


Tom Jeud Mu Sab (soup with vegetable broth and pork meatballs)


Krapan Gai, Kai Dao (rice with meat, basil and fried egg)


Pad thai Goong (rice noodles with seafood , dried fruit and scrambled egg)


Massaman (MY FAVOURITE: spicy soup with chicken, potatoes and almonds)


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