Taking a dip in 7 Muay Thai Gym

Hi everybody,

my name is Michele, even though here in Thailand people call me just Mik.

I am passionate about sports, just practice a little bit of western boxing in my life, and I love travelling and rock music.

They commit me a blog in a web page of a gym which receive champions from all around the world and thai teachers with 200,300 pro fights. I want to give my contribution explaining how a beginner like me spend his time at 7 Muay Thay.

My target is opening my personal diary and try to let you taste this adventure I am facing. After spending the past two years in office, in front of a pc and a phone, I took my decision: I left career ambitions and sure salary and I bought a ticket for Asia, to make a deep experience inside a different culture and to discover, from zero, this fantastic art, Muay Thai, inside a this gym where even a very important Italian boxer trains everyday.

I want to tell you what means for a beginner living in a camp with nak muay (thai boxers), what I do during my day, about the difficulties I meet in a new challenge, about the people whereby I share my moments and, why not, about this beautiful sub-tropical country in general.

Are you ready to dive with me in this exotic sea?

Chok dee!!!



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