Getting around in Chak Pong

Spending my days in the camp, I’ve realized that life in deep contact with Muay Thai is something like life with your partner in a relationship. Fidelity, reliability, commitment are repaid with good moments and satisfactions, that’s true…but like in every relationship, there are low times. We need to take a little bit of « air », on our own, in order to take again later the story with new strength. So let’s go out for a while, and let’s see what’s up around Chak Pong, the village where 7 Muay Thai is placed.

Easy to say that sea is the main attraction! Quiet beaches in Chak Pong are the perfect scenario to let rest corpore et animo after hard training.


In the area we can find a lot of this « little temples »: they are built to honor the spirits of the dead, as Buddhist tradition asks.


People of the area of course exploit this amazing natural resource. Not so far from the camp there is a fishermans’ village, where every morning we can see many stalls with goods.


That’s always crowded by Thai people!


It’s no strange meet statues like these. They represents the legend of Prince Phra Aphai Mani and of his lovers. If you are curious, check here.


The little city closest is Ban Phe, 10 km from 7 Muay Thai. There are some farangs, foreigners, that come here to access Koh Samet island. Surroundings are relaxing.



Ban Phe is plenty of markets with fine handicraft, nice fruits, Thai and European restaurants, and there is some night clubs where to spend the night with friends too.



These are some of beautiful temples we can see going around in Chak Pong. Altough some are very big, they are….divinely ornamented.


In one temple, on a little mountain, there are a big monkey family. When I went there, they were good and quiet, but someone recommended me to be careful…..they can be very spiteful.


And is not so hard have a face to face on the road with a varan, as happened to me and some friends while we were going around by motorbike!


In the evening, Chak Pong offers breathtaking sunsets….

Well, it’s time to come back to the camp…Muay Thai calls!!!



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