To train at best, you need to rest comfortably and eat well.

The bungalows blend with the nature but still offer all comforts of a true Resort.

Italian-food-7muaythai-holiday-training-muay-thai-camp-thailand-phuket-ko-samui-ko-samet-rayong_lumpinee-2The beach is an authentic unexplored world, where nature still dominates. The island of Ko Samet just in front, is just one of the possible excursion, together with the wonderful natural reserve of Khao Chamao, with its wonderful waterfalls that flow to create natural pools, acknowledged as a « protected oasis ».

The swimming pool located in the Gym-Resort will be the place to relax after every training session.

The sea, is just few minutes walk away, ideal for who accompany his/her Muay Thai lover partner but only desires only an healthy Thai holiday.

Thai cusine alternates the Italian cusin and the meals are are studied to give the right amount of nutrients to keep up well during training.

Also a good opportunity for who just wants to get back in shape, or lose some extra weight.

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