From English to Muay Thai

7 Muay Thai Gym is placed in a very quiet area, in Rayong province, 10 km from Ban Phe, close to the beach. If in chaotic Bangkok or Phuket speaking English is quite common, in a rural area like where I’m staying it’s not so easy communicate if you don’t speak a little bit of thai language. Far from massive tourism, people here around don’t  feel the need to learn foreigners languages. One more obstacle, of course, but even one more stimulus to learn another new thing, living on the skin a genuine Thailand, where old traditions are still widespread, not buried under the cement of the big cities.

Practicing Muay Thai, I’ve realized that teachers, even if they know a few english words about the training, prefer use thai words. I consider rather appropriate, and respectful too, approaching this solemn discipline with a little linguistic preparation. Why something so typical in thai culture has to lose identity in the communication process?So here below you can find a little « Muay Thai vocabulary » which will help you to understand your kru when he ask you to throw a sok!

Fight = Chok

Elbow = Sok

Knee = Khaow

Straight knee attack = Kao Dtrong

Jumping knee = Kao Loy

Front kick = Theep

Side kick = Theep Kang

Jump kick = Kao Loy

Fist= Mad

Teacher = Kru

Master teacher = Ajarn

Boxer = Nak Muay

Getting curious? Have a look HERE.

And don’t forget to greet, when you arrive and when you leave the gym, saying « sa wa dee krap/ka » (krap if you are male, ka if you are female), and to thank your teacher with « kop khun krap/ka« !



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