Yesterday great training and emotions with the champion Mathias Gallo Cassarino + video

Yesterday great workout and emotions with the champion Mathias Gallo Cassarino

Yesterday great workout with the champion of 7MT and captain of Muay Farang Team Mathias Gallo Cassarino.

During the last tournament at Max Muay Thai Pattaya Mathias came out winner but has remedied a small notch in the right shin and he needed a few stitches.

In these days where he isn’t able to train because of injury, made us run and train (for those who felt it) for “him” letting us keep high pace of work « professional » in my opinion.

During the classical explanations of techniques and what to do in case of that or the other often has also added some little anecdote « professional » recounting situations that have happened on larger ring of the world and what was best to do in those situations.

He was great and exciting not for real use (that is, the advice of a champion is always useful) but for someone like ME who trains as a hobby not a profession excites me more the emotional part.

The great emotions these stories convey, it felt almost as if we had been on that ring against us or that one superstar and respond immediately to block calcium low or medium and finish it with an elbow!

I must say that although there has been talk a little more than usual were the same destroyed even more than usual without a shred of oxygen to talk and run the brain, as you can see in this little video made by Mr. Roberto little before the end of the workout.

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