PRECISION, PERSEVERANCE and PUNCTUALITY are some of our strong points

Here at 7 Muay Thai Gym we believe in PUNCTUALITY PERSEVERANCE PRECISION, being details and good habits to make a difference in maximizing results in short and long periods.
Everyday, the training starts at the same time and after warm up, training starts.

To help our guests in their training we created a written and illustrated program, which explains clearly and easily all the basic exercises, receiving good feedback since the start, especially from people who already trained in Thailand and used to following a program just told by voice by the trainers or maybe written in Thai somewhere.

The program has to be followed completely, and as well inserting some specific exercises to work on improving specific aspects. For who is not used to such a high amount of training, the workload is reduced, so that they can do every single exercise.

Precision and details caring is something that makes us stand out and is something that can be seen in our fighter’s way of fighting where technique and precision of blows are favored to quantity.

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