Serafino and his “big” friend Iuri

A few days ago, came to visit two friends; as often it happens at camp one of the cute is only to enjoy your holiday.

Serafino is the master of Muay Thai in different gyms in his province and came here to “7 Muay Thai” to refine his techniques and at the same time relax in the free moments of the day.

His “great” friend Iuri his companion of adventures and many trips to Thailand and around the world, from the substantial weight had only come to enjoy the holiday offered by the resort, though in the end I can get him to take a walk together near the sea the location where normally the nak muay go for a run.

During the walk, we can find the breath to talk a bit, he tells me that he has trained for 10 years of muay thai with his friend and master Serafino Tallarici but then to work problems had to abandon their training and increase his working hours doing so in about 8 years is well greased to 25kg.

As he recounted I saw in his eyes a great desire to start hidden insecurity of not being able to do or get hurt.

After the walk, Iuri takes a moment of breath and  I ask: what do you say? Now that you’re here, you’ve warmed up, why not try? With a great big smile begins to make vacuum, and already from its first movement, I am amazed by his good technique and fluidity of movement despite the large overweight that door.

After a few shots to the lot, it’s your turn with the  Pao and the trainer asked him to step into the ring he convinces himself perplexed and salt; at the end of the recovery it is exhausted but receives great applause from all, for his strong will and excellent technique demonstrated in the ring after about 8 years of stop.

Good Iuri hope that in Italy you will find the time to train yourself, you deserve it.


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