Songthaew curiosity and origin of the name

The word songthaew thought was a normal word with no real meaning behind but I had not reckoned with the great imagination of Thai.

Below I will tell you as have come to knowledge of the why the songthaew calls in this way.

has happened in the morning with the guys who had to go to Pattaya to go and see the tournament where Mathias participated. (Tournament which then won! You can find an article where I talk about it here!)

We were in the songthaew to go to Ban-Phe when a middle-aged Thai man educated, he went inside and sits nearus and he begins to talk to us about the classic questions for ” farang “(that’s how I call in thailand foreigners) until at some point. He begins to speak about songthaew us very concerned, for some of us even was also the first time that we used.

The man has told that the songthaew was born in the big city of the Thailand before where in general it crossed for the whole day the 2 greater streets forming a circle.

In fact, if we decompose the word songthaew we get that song in Thai means 2 and the word Thaew which indicates the road.


Originally I think the Songthaew is a particular model of pickup edited to perfection for the public transport of people. Where the normal pick-up is added a roof to shelter for the rain and two benches of their respective sides.

The Songthaew stops whenever a customer press the small button to stop someone on the street or manifest the desire to get on board.

The rate depends on many factors, the length of the route you route, the city where you are and especially the first impression you make it to the driver if he will understand that you are a novice about Thailand will try to ask a price risen slightly but do not worry we always talk in total pennies 20-40 baht (0.50/1 euro) per trip, nothing so excessive in my opinion

The next with a new curiosity about Thailand

Chok dee Paolo

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