Info on Thai Visa

It is necessary to request a VISA before leaving only if your stay will be longer than 30 days (for most western country – we suggest to double check with Thai embassy in your country)

  • When entering the country (without a visa) the immigration stamps your passport and grants you 30 days (for most western passports). WARNING: it is very easy to fall in love with Thailand and Muay Thai especially at, so if you change your mind and decide to stay longer than 1 month, it will be hard to get a visa or an extension here. Therefore, we suggest to ALWAYS make a visa at home before coming to Thailand, because some passports may not even get 30 days without a visa!
  •  If you plan to stay over 30 days, we suggest to apply for a Tourist Visa with a single entrance: with this visa you will be able to stay for 60 days sand than easily extend your stay of another 30 days without leaving Thailand. Total: 90 Days.
  • If you plan a journey longer than 3 months, we suggest a Tourist Visa with DOUBLE ENTRANCE: this visa will grant you around 180 days (roughly 6 month). Like above the first entrance lasts 60 days, than with an extension you get another 30 days. At the end of the first 90 days you will have to exit Thailand by land (there are organized trips for this and you can get it done in less than 1 day*) or by air, and on the way back you will use the second entrance of your Tourist Visa and get another 60+30 days.

*The trip is normally to the Cambodian border, leaving from a town near the camp, lasts around 4 hours and it’s called “VISA RUN”.

We remind you that for what concerns visas in Thailand, things often change, therefore, we suggest to always check properly or ask 7 Muay Thai staff about all the info, BEFORE leaving.

For what concern the applying for a visa in your country, we suggest to go personally to the Thai Consulate or Embassy closer to you. As a second and less safe option, send your passport to the Consulate or Embassy, of course, after contacting them.

Last but not least: to enter Thailand your passport has to be valid for at least 6 more months: a Passport with a lower validity will not be accepted nor for the making of the visa, nor for the entrance in Thailand (in case you are travelling without a visa).

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