The tenacious  Juri today doesn’t  train …  we find the motivation…

I heard today that today Juri didn’t train. For him is very strange thing for one as him how thin to now at the cost to stay dry there he has never missed a training. I could expect from Melo or Ginga who always have a good excuse to “to try” not to train them even if I can understand their train virtually ALWAYS.

Even if their attempts almost always failed  thanks to the intervention of our Ajarn Preecha that to cost to pick them up and to throw them out of the bed brings away always them on the good away of the training.

Except when it comes to train when it rains, that’s because one of the many “Strange” beliefs Thais. They say that you should never trained when raining outside, which is impossible in a country like Thailand where there are months that it rains at least once a day !!

Returning to the news of the day, I take my Go Pro and run immediately to the gym to investigate what happened happening.

In the gym do you know who I find ?? Just him Jurii … here’s the video.

I also like Melo suggest quite a treat with our thai confidence that with his golden hands also resurrects the dead!!

Here we propose a little part from the video of the last  nak muay massage of the Carmel “7 Muay Thai Gym & Beach Resort”


Chok dee Paolo

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