Today we learn to put the handwraps with Melo a real nak muay + Video!

I must make a confession. I’m a little ashamed to say it, but still are not well able to put the handwraps as they should, just like real nak muay passing it between passing it between your fingers from the hand.

At best, I can put them in a normal turning them in the wrist and in the palm of the hand.

Today I want to learn and help you learn how to put handwraps as a professional NAK MUAY.

today-learn-handwraps-nak-muay11 (2)

I will ask Melo Muay Farang to reveal all the secrets to wear properly bands like a nak muay.

Do not miss the video very useful where the young Melo Muay Farang us to see how to wear bands from Muay Thai.

Chok dee Paolo

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